Follow a good post-surgery routine to recover from Gynecomastia procedure

Men who have enlarged breasts feel embarrassed because of the condition. Living life with this condition is not at all easy. Female like boobs among men can occur at any stage. The condition can happen because of any reason. Irrespective of what the reason is, getting it treated is possible. The best treatment for treating this condition is male breast reduction surgery, also known as Gynecomastia surgery.

India has emerged as one of the most sought after destinations among people who are looking forward to undergo male breast reduction surgery. Indian medical tourism has witnessed immense growth in last few years. Not only foreigners get quality treatment but also world-class care. The decision to undergo this procedure can help you achieve firmer and toned chest.

When it comes to gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, you can be assured to choose from several leading and renowned plastic surgeons who have expertise in performing the procedure. Being expert in performing the surgery, they make sure you get the best results. It is important to know and understand that recovery after the procedure is crucial so that maximum benefit can be availed from it.

Signs and Symptoms of Gynecomastia

The main symptom of gynecomastia is enlarged male breasts. Gynecomastia is a condition that triggers because of enlargement of glandular tissue. It is symmetrical in location with regard to the nipple and might have a firm or rubbery feel. Though the condition can be unilateral in some cases, most of the times it occurs in both sides. The enlargement might be greater in one side even if both breasts are involved. Sensitivity and tenderness might be present as well, even though there is no severe pain and discomfort.

The most crucial difference with gynecomastia is differentiation from the male breast cancer that accounts for nearly one percent of all the cases of breast cancer. In most cases, cancer is only on one side, is not centered around the nipples, feels firm or hard, and can be related to the dimpling of the skin, enlargement of the underarm lymph nodes, nipple discharge and retraction of the nipple.

Causes during puberty and how long does it last

Enlarged male breasts are consequential to hormonal imbalance. When the levels of estrogen (female hormones) increase more than the levels of androgen that is male hormones. Gynecomastia that takes place in puberty boys and growing infants often get resolved at its own. It is also known as physiologic gynecomastia.

All people, whether female or male, have both male hormones and female hormones. It is during the puberty time that these hormones might fluctuate and rise at different levels, leading to a temporary state wherein the concentration of estrogen is too high. studies related to the prevalence of gynecomastia in normal adults has yielded great results, with occurrence estimate as low as five percent and as high as 70 percent of adult boys. The differences perhaps result from variations in what is considered to be normal and the diverse ages of boys examined in the studies conducted.

Enlarged male breasts triggered by transient changes in hormone levels with growth that usually disappears on its own within ten months or two years. In some cases, the condition develops in puberty and continues beyond two years is known as persistent pubertal gynecomastia.

What conditions and diseases can cause enlarged male breasts?

Several medical conditions might also cause Gynecomastia:

• Disorders of the male sex organs can cause decrease in testosterone production and high levels of estrogen triggering Gynecomastia. These disorders might be genetic, like Klinefelter’s syndrome or obtained because of reduced blood flow, trauma, aging or infection. Testicular cancer might also secrete hormones that can cause enlarged male breasts.

• Re-feeding and malnutrition have both been shown to make a hormonal environment that might also cause gynecomastia. In a similar way, cirrhosis of the liver changes normal hormone metabolism and might cause enlarged male breasts.

• Other conditions that are related to an modified hormonal environment in the body and might be associated with the enlarged male breasts are hyperthyroidism and chronic renal failure. In rare cases, other than testicular tumors might create hormones that can also trigger this condition.

Resuming normal work and activities

Just like with any other surgery, the body would need to recover from the trauma exerted on it from the surgical procedure. Limiting work and activity helps a body recover during a period in which it can easily catch infection or injury and helps in quick and timely recovery. It is not common for cosmetic surgeons to have variations on the precise numbers, however, in general, a patient who undergoes this procedure can expect the following timetable of resuming normal activities.

• Increased lower body and cardio activity can be resumed after the first two weeks of the surgery

• Most patients take four to five days off prior to resuming to the work and other normal daily work and activities

• It is important to know that chest or upper body workouts might resume incrementally after four to five weeks or as instructed by the doctor.

• Strenuous activity should be avoided for the first two to three weeks of the surgery.

Pain, discomfort and mild tightness usually lasts for up to four to five weeks can effect an activity level.

Fluid Intake and compression vent use

It is often that people think that increase intake of fluid can help in fast recovery. However, it is a misconception when it comes to recovery from Gynecomastia surgery. In fact, increased intake of fluid can rise the possibility of seroma formation. A seroma is a collection of watery fluid that can accumulate or develop in the chest after male breast reduction surgery that might resolve on its own. However, larger seromas can interfere with the process of healing and cause several other complications.

The compression vent use is related with male breast reduction surgery and for a great reason. Once the surgery is done, tissue and skin start to contract and settle during the process of recovery. It will not always happen in a favorable way or the way you want. A compression vent is a surgical tool that help the body adjust in a way the surgeon and patient want it to providing support, controlling swelling and facilitating skin retraction. You have to wear vest for the first four weeks after the procedure to get maximum benefit.

Tissue Massage

During the recovery process, when tissue and skin is malleable and soft, massaging the surgical area with a roller device or hand can be of great help for achieving the best possible results. Starting three weeks after the procedure, massage can be done for nearly twenty minutes several times a day or allow the skin to lay out evenly.

Good Posture
One of the most crucial factors in determining the success of the gynecomastia surgery is the mental aspect. Instead of having fear, one should have realistic approach and positive attitude. The way you sit plays a significant role in determining your recovery from male breast reduction surgery. Let go off – ‘gyno hunch’. It is the physical manifestation of low self-esteem, humiliation, mental anguish and embarrassment. By maintaining a strong and tall posture and rolling the shoulders back, the confidence that comes back after the surgery lets you live a better life.
Gynecomastia surgery requires a lot of investment – physically, financially and mentally. The results of the surgery are satisfactory making it possible for many men to return to their normal life. By following a post-surgery routine, you can achieve the maximum results while decreasing the possibilities of second surgery.